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Ross Field Dreams

Ross, A Field of Dreams

Ross Field

By jacob jablonowski


Ross Field is hot dogs and hamburgers and the concession stand.

Ross Field is watching the 11 and 12 year old all stars playing on a late Saturday night and chasing the baseballs that get bombed off the field

Ross Field is early 9 o’clock games and I’m the first one there and I play catch with the second one

  Ross Field is winning and disappointingly losing.

Ross Field is having seed spitting contests with my friends.

Ross Field is when I’m at bat seeing my brother and sister happily playing on the playscape across the street.

Ross Field is knowing that my grandparents are watching me on my grandpas iPad through that special camera up on the backstop.

Ross Field is when I’m in my bed dreaming on a Friday night of hitting a bomb to left field the next day.



by posted 08/01/2019
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