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Archers — optional practice Sun @2pm
by posted 06/25/2020



We received approval from the league to run an optional team practice on Sunday @2pm at Welles Village Field 1 (near Rye 2, off Griswold). 

Normal GLL safety rules will apply.  Coaches will be wearing masks throughout. Kids please arrive wearing a mask but as yesterday they will not be required to wear one while playing. Social distance rules will still be adhered to. No limits though to the number of guest attendees but please remain distanced. Feel free to drop your kid off but if so send me a text (857-891-3173) with where to reach you. We will run for approximately 90 minutes (2-3:30). 

Looking forward to our next game Sat at 9am at Butler. Please try to arrive by 8:30 so we can warmup as a team and take some infield. 


Ryan, Steve, Trish, and Mike

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GLL Archers — recap and questions for your sons
by posted 06/24/2020


Excellent start to the season!  Great to see so many smiling faces out there, trying hard, and playing like carefree kids out there. Warmed my soul for sure. 

A couple things to please talk to your kids about and get back to me (rlisiak@gmail.com or 857-891-3173). We obviously don’t have the luxury of practices or team huddles before and/or after games so this means of communication will have to do:

1) Pitchers... I do intend to have everyone pitch who wants to pitch (that last part is important). Please ask if/when they would feel comfortable pitching. I’m guessing the answers might range and we will try to accommodate. Please let me know what your son says. 

2) Catchers... likewise, this position is not for everyone but I don’t want to always put the same kids behind the plate. This is a tough one if your son has never caught before so if he’s interested, please also let us know if he’s done it before so we can perhaps show him a few things before putting him in. 

3)  Practice... we are going to write the League and see if there’s a chance for an optional practice on Sunday. Please let me know if interested and when you are available. I think even getting together to throw and take some practice swings will go a long way. 

I look forward to hearing from you  


Ryan, Steve, Trish, and Mike

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